Analysis and Manipulation of Boolean Functions




Boolean Functions Theory, Algorithms, and Applications, 1st Edition, 2011, Yves Crama, Peter L. Hammer

  • Prerequisites: discrete mathematics, operations research, computer science, engineering, economics
  • Written by prominent experts in the field, this monograph provides the first comprehensive and unified presentation of the structural, algorithmic, and applied aspects of the theory of Boolean functions. The book focuses on algebraic representations of Boolean functions, especially disjunctive and conjunctive normal form representations. It presents in this framework the fundamental elements of the theory (Boolean equations and satisfiability problems, prime implicants and associated short representations, dualization), an in-depth study of special classes of Boolean functions (quadratic, Horn, shellable, regular, threshold, read-once functions and their characterization by functional equations), and two fruitful generalizations of the concept of Boolean functions (partially defined functions and pseudo-Boolean functions).

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